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So what is Goal Club anyway? Let your money make money! What else should I know?
A fun way for kids and teens age 17 and younger to learn financial responsibility, practice good savings habits, and save for their future. It’s called dividends, and it’s like interest earned on savings. You save your money at Carolina Trust in your Goal Club account, and we’ll pay you to keep your money safe and secure. When you open your Goal Club account, you’ll receive a free gift. And no, it’s not a toaster – it’s something cool you’ll actually want!

Financial Education Resources

Every three months or so, you’ll receive a Goal Club newsletter with articles about saving, money management, trivia, fun facts, and more. You’ll want to brush up on your financial education because one day, you’ll need to be ready for financial independence. Trust us, you’ll be paying bills before you know it – just ask your parents.

Age 9 and younger Ages 10-13 Ages 14-17
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Goal Club members may sign up for free online banking, free mobile banking, free eAlerts, and free eStatements so you can check your account balance and receive your account statement online.

So how do I join Goal Club?
You can get started in 3 simple steps:

number 1 icon You and your parent will need to complete a membership application. A parent or guardian must co-sign on any minor account (younger than 18). Please bring the completed form to a Carolina Trust branch so we can open your account and give you your free gift.
number 2 icon There is a membership fee of $5. It’s only a one-time fee, and it’s good for the life of your account.
number 3 icon The minimum balance required to open a Goal Club savings account and earn dividends is $25. It remains untouched while your account remains open, but we know you’ll be saving much more than $25!

Parents, if you’re reading this, we hope you’ll encourage your child in his/her effort to save and learn about managing personal finances. You may make routine deposits to your child’s Goal Club account through mobile or online banking transfer, phone banking transfer, payroll deposit, or at a branch.

Contact Carolina Trust Member Services at 843.448.2133, ext. 3 for more information about Goal Club.



  • Goal Club Savings
  • Goal Club Checking
  • Goal Club Credit Card

Goal Club Savings


A Goal Club savings account promises a safe place to save where account balances earn dividends, or interest.

Minimum Balance



.045% APY*

These rates were last reviewed and/or updated on 08/24/18.

*Rates are subject to change monthly without prior notice.  Primary Share (Traditional Savings) accounts are subject to an excessive withdrawal fee of $2 if more than four withdrawals are made during a calendar month.

Please Note: All savings account withdrawals are subject to Federal Regulation D guidelines. Also, please read the Credit Union’s Inactive Account Policy as it pertains to accounts that do not receive a transaction within 12 consecutive months.



Goal Club Checking


Goal Club checking is available for teens ages 14-17 who have a Goal Club savings account. Goal Club members ages 14-17 may receive an ATM or VISA® debit card*. At age 18, your Goal Club checking account will automatically upgrade to a Free Checking account.

Minimum Balance

Interest Bearing



*Parent/Guardian must co-sign on any minor account.


Goal Club Credit Card


At age 16, Goal Club account holders are eligible to apply for a VISA® credit card* with a $300 credit limit.

*Parent/Guardian must co-sign on any minor account.