Business Loans

Business Loans


click to contact about business loansCommercial Real Estate Loans
Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union offers competitive financing for commercial real estate, including the purchase of existing buildings or the refinancing of current loans. These loans use property as the required collateral for purchases such as:

  • Commercial properties, both owner and non-owner occupied
  • Rental housing
  • Apartment complexes
  • Combination business/residential properties

Recognizing your real estate transaction may be unique, your Credit Union offers an innovative and flexible program to fit your needs. Commercial real estate loans are amortized over a set period of time with payments and interest rates fixed or variable over a 1-5 year term.

Lines of Credit
A Carolina Trust line of credit enables you to borrow only the amount you need, when you need it. This ready source of short-term funds is an efficient way to balance your cash flow needs. A line of credit is easy to use and usually secured by accounts receivable, inventory and/or other business assets.  A line of credit is renewable annually.

Term Loans
Term loans are used to finance the modernization or acquisition of the company’s productive assets such as:

  • Purchases of machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and/or purchases to make household improvements
  • Permanent additions to working capital
  • Expansion or modernization of facilities
  • Vehicles or other business transportation

The source of repayment is often generated by the enhanced cash flow from these assets. The loan period is determined by the productive life of the assets. For example, loans used to buy computers and office equipment will be shorter in duration than those used to purchase manufacturing equipment.

Trade Finance
Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union may also help your business facilitate business transactions through the use of Letters of Credit. These instruments can guarantee international shipments or be used for cash deposits or performance bonds.